The Oasis Campsites & Fitness Center

Grand Opening January 2018

We are excited to introduce the Grand Opening of the Oasis to you. We are planning to open The Oasis officially on January 1st, 2018 and will accept monthly reservations for arrivals starting January 1st, 2018. We do expect to have a limited number of sites earlier than that. To celebrate our Grand Opening, The Oasis pricing will be available to you at a 10% discount from our normal rates for a limited time. Once they are gone, our regular pricing will be in place.

Oasis Pricing (Prices below are discounted 10%):

Within The Oasis there are 62 sites and four basic types of campsites. Choose one that is the best fit for you. Please note: This SPECIAL PRICING is available only for the first 25 sites. When these 25 sites are sold out, our rates will return to our normal pricing. Please take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Back up to bamboo berm (house in view), a few smaller sites:

Monthly: $1188.00
Daily: $39.60*

Back in to the woods, average 35' x 70':

Monthly: $1404.00
Daily: $46.80*

Pull thru, average 35' x 80':

Monthly: $1512.00
Daily: $50.40*

Premium sites with pie shaped corners, end caps, or larger than average:

Monthly: $1620.00 / $1720.00
Daily: $54.00 / $57.60

*Daily rates are ONLY available as an add on to a minimum 1 month reservation … and this pricing is ONLY available when the extra days are added at the time of the initial reservation. Any days added later will be subject to our normal pricing.

Booking for The Oasis is now open.
If you book online, we will apply the additional 10% to the rate that appears on your reservation.
You may call the office as well.

Characteristics of The Oasis

There are a number of characteristics featured in the Oasis that will be slightly different than the rest of our park. We expect that the Fitness Center described in our Oasis Package to be fully complete (see renderings below). We do expect that a few sites will be incomplete as of the end of the year and that the landscaping will not be complete or grown in. We have many mature trees in the Oasis and will conduct some plantings and do fence work throughout the balance of the winter season. The property in the Oasis will be quite nice…it will just not appear as ‘mature’ as the remainder of the park, and hence the 10% discount.

All of the Back In sites will appear to be larger than they are because they back to the woods and have no neighbor to the rear except for those on the bamboo berm described above.

Fitness Center, Bathhouse and Laundry

These sites will have same Full Hook Up (FHU) attributes as the front sections of the park. Here are a list of attributes these sites will have that may not exist in the other sections of the park.

  • Most sites in The Oasis will be slightly larger (and some much larger) than what we have in the front of the park, generally 35 feet wide and 70 feet deep.
  • The pull thru’s will generally be at least 35 feet wide by 80 feet deep.
  • The back in’s will abut the woods and each of the back in sites have a 25 foot buffer space, with woods directly behind them so they will appear larger, except for a few sites that back up to the house.
  • The pie shaped lots in each of the corners are quite spacious and have very large side and back yards.
  • Back in sites 134 to 144 back up to a house where we have built an earthen berm and we have topped it with a bamboo hedge, so the top of the house will be visible in the first few years of the planting…and these sites appear very deep because of the berm and the 25 foot buffer.
  • All sites will be 50/30/20 amp FHU and have cable and WIFI access.
  • There will be a variety of Face In and Buddy Sites throughout The Oasis.
  • We will have a nature trail around the outside edge of the Oasis and it will tie into the nature trail near site 73 that exists throughout the rest of the park that will lead all guests to the clubhouse, pool and pavilion.
  • The Oasis will have its own dog park.
  • The Oasis will have its own bath house. This bathhouse will have 4 private bathrooms with a stool, shower, sink and dressing area. One of these will be handicap accessible.
  • The bath house will also feature a fitness center with aerobic equipment and free weights.
  • The bath house will have its own laundry. We will offer trash pickup at the sites.
  • The roads in the Oasis will be chip and seal, appearing like asphalt (and all we can do in our approved PUD), and is the same as in the existing park.
  • Each site in The Oasis will have an approximate 20 by 65 foot paver patio. The rig will park on this hard surface and you will walk out to a paver patio.
  • The Oasis will be the most private of all sectors of our park, as it will have the least amount of internal traffic.
  • There will be some additional requirements for rigs to park in the Oasis.
    a. Rigs will have to be 2005 or newer, except for better than average classics, e.g. Airstream, Bluebird, etc.
    b. Summer (May 1st to October 31st) will have a 1 week minimum stay.
    c. Winter (November 1st to April 30th) will have a 1 month minimum stay, except for certain holiday periods.
    d. We will hold rigs of any year to a higher standard of exterior condition in order to park in The Oasis.
Compass RV Park Site Map

Click here or on the image above to download our complete Site Map file (PDF).